While fine tuning the sensor this morning Input Avg: 0 was achieved.

((fwiw) Obtaining zero was personal choice; taking a little over eight hours. The actual (listed) tolerance is broad (+/- 500 for one sensitivity adjustment and +/-100, +/-50, and +/-10 for other adjustments. My original 'within tolerance' adjustments (+/-38) were completed in 37 minutes; well within the stated +/-50 tolerance.)

With Input Avg: zero and Y-scale set to 100 I watched from a distance for about 39 minutes and decided to make a cup of coffee.

I was amused when my coffee grinder (while grinding) and espresso machine (while steaming) triggered massive seismic events on my laptop screen. (-;

For the fun of it, i cranked up X-scale to one (1) and could could detect the dog and cats walking on the carpeted floor in the hall and living room (two rooms away).

The documentation says the sensor control program is supported for Win XP, 2000, or VISTA. Currently (200804.03) I am looking for a rugged (that will have to live outdoors), used, laptop running XP Pro.

In the meantime, I was able to get the VolksMeter functioning on the serial port (RS232) of an old Win98, Compaq Presario 1685 laptop; rather than the USB port, which (imo) Win98 does not know how to handle.