Garmin etrex H
etrex H

Added picture of Garmin etrex model H, which I normally use when going into deep woods, because it saved me considerable time installing GPS for the VolksMeter.

The first episode occurred while installing the Garmin GPS 16/18, which I call, "GPS hockey puck," into the VolksMeter.

No matter how many times I repositioned the 16/18 (surrounded by tall trees) I could not get a lock (L) on WinSDR (the control program) and this is when I grabbed the etrex.

The etrex located a signal within moments, about 4 feet from the 16/18 and I repositioned it, and saw a lock (L) on the WinSDR screen and a quick check told me I was tracking 6 satellites. I went back to the 16/18 and started moving the etrex around, saw the etrex signal double approximately 2 inches South of the current position of the 16/18 and repositioned it. The computer now showed tracking 9 satellites, and I checked the Enable Location Averaging box to accumulate data.

The second episode occurred while in the process of moving the sensor to its fixed location, where I was able to pinpoint a GPS signal in about 5 minutes with the etrex and position the 16/18.

ARPSN Seismic Data Station Installed and Operational
ARPSN # 1 Operational 04 April 2008 2200 UTC

Installed single N/S sensor and was 'up and running' at 3 PM PDT, April 4th.

ARPSN-1 is currently undergoing a seven day shake-down environmental test in full operational mode.

Everything went smooth today during the 3rd and (for now) final fixed installation of ARPSN-1.

At 10:30 AM, after setting 'everything' up (IA = +/-7) and while standing up to take a break, I lightly bumped the top of the sensor with my elbow; at which point, 'my anal side kicked in'.

Between 10:30 AM and 3 PM, I bumped the sensor, by accident, a total of five (5) times ... and am one of those folks who know, ''once it works, it usually continues to work,' so I started from the beginning each time, doing alignments as close to +/-0. (otoh) The plus side was, I have now memorized a little over half the manual (-;

As mentioned above, the etrex was an asset in setting up the GPS 16/18, which is currently tracking ten (10) positioning satellites.

I have paperwork to get done during the next seven days and if I receive any notable seismic data, during this time, pictures of activity will be placed on an easy access page.

I will post a location teaser on the N6ECT-1 ARPSN beacon, soon.

I am still considering how I will return WinSDR data to the house and will probably run a test using a long ethernet cable I have stashed away, somewhere.

My other alternative is trying a long USB cable to an old XP tower and if that works, get a used XP laptop. (btw) We have cut power usage (here) forty-two percent (42%) by moving from large machines to laptops and Mac Mini computers.

(9:30 pm pdt) Around 6:30 pm I noticed some USGS activity and decided to see if ARPSN-1 recorded any events (activity was close).

When I got there I discovered I must have pushed the display too far down, when I finished at 3 pm, and had shut off the computer off by accident.

On restart, I was pleased to see a IA = +7 and started data collection.

Guess what happened next?

I am tired and when I attempted to stand up, my elbow (for the 6th time) bumped the sensor.

I re-calibrated and was back on-line at 9 pm. [Note to Self: Accept given tolerances rather than anal, 'near zero', self-imposed, tolerances.] (-;