N6ECT-1,ARPSN-1 under test

Yesterday I was able to move ARPSN-1's laptop to my main computer room with (imo) great success.

The first thing I did was review collected seismic data and was impressed by the number of recorded events.

It took about four hours to compare my results with USGS and ;-) I am feeling more confident.

(fwiw) During my past forty year interest in amateur seismology I have not paid much attention to teleseismic events, because I have been more interested in local activity.

For testing purposes, I "Enabled" (with supplied settings) "Teleseismic Event Detection", with ADC Bits: 24, SPS: 10, and was amused when I discovered one of the events recorded was this one:

Magnitude 7.3 - LOYALTY ISLANDS

Another thing I noticed was 'software tuning' of the sensor improved greatly with the laptop now considerable distance away from the 1RU.

Currently I'm testing ADC Bits: 20, SPS: 20.

When I install the E/W sensor, I may rebuild the seismic shed, because I feel it may be to tall and catches wind blowing up from the canyon below. As it stands, it is seven feet, five inches tall and my idea is to make it four feet tall and insulate it.

Although I detected the magnitude 3.8 event in Petrolia, California, at 7:17:34 this morning, I did not broadcast it via APRS, because I was not prepared and, to be honest, am more into verification than reporting, at this point.

Finally, I am adding a RSS feed for this page, so those who use feeds will know when I have added something new. In elder days I used Un*x "finger", but Nobody seems to use that anymore (-;