Screenshot 2 Channels working X4/Y100 - 2RU Ready for Permanent Install
VolksMeter II - 2RU Ready for Permanent Install

Completed assembly of 2CUG Kit and ready for permanent install. Pictures and notes located at:


I am currently deciding what to do about the seismic shed.

(fwiw) Adding a second sensor was easy and if I had it to do over again, I would have ordered the 2RU first because I got snagged on LFEs (Low-Frequency Earthquakes) and Teleseismic Events, which I will report on later.

P.S. The last time I had this much fun was twenty-eight (28) years ago, when I was involved with the Pacific Packet Radio Society - PPRS !!!

2RU on Wood Stove

(Trivia) The 2RU is sitting on a level wood stove (in the studio) that is made out of injection tubing & plate, and has it's own foundation.

I've had the 2RU apart numerous times, have reset everything for the best possible signal receive, and am currently looking for low-frequency activity. (Low-Frequency Earthquakes (LFE) is a fascinating subject that may lead to an 'early earthquake detection/warning system'.)

I am impressed with the 2RU's performance and intend to install it (in the shed) tomorrow; despite wind, because the shed needs more consideration.

I am also considering moving ARPSN to a geophone (covers local events) and establish the new sensor as my original PSN concept.