There are some things that need seriously to be clarified concerning theory of seismometers, since there is so much confusion; not only among amateur seismologists, but also even many professional geoscientists.

Ultimately, the ONLY source of seismograph excitation (no matter the instrument design) is ENERGY. Additionally, the ONLY thing that delivers energy to the seismometer is Earth's ACCELERATION at the site of the instrument. This is true not only for the instrument's response to earthquake waves whose periods are shorter than about 300 s, but also for earth 'hum' in which the instrument responds mainly to tilt, when the periods are greater than about 300 to 1000 s. - Dr. Randall D. Peters - Department of Physics, Mercer University, Macon, Georgia.

I have been immersed in the writings of Randall D. Peters and have attempted to devour every word ;-) especially his 'debunking material (-; (which I can relate to). Excellent reading, and if one is curious about my direction with the VolksMeter, this is the place to browse. - http://physics.mercer.edu/

The below (green) was written yesterday (200804.22) before I updated WinSDR from v4.1.2 to v4.1.4 and lost 'all' of my event files. (fwiw) The majority of my computer experience is based on Unix, I tend to get "\" and "/" confused under Windows, and it was my error that caused the data loss.

As I sit here, I can look over my shoulder at the last hour of recorded seismic activity and can match major activity, here, with everything listed at USGS:


and have a great (imo) FFT of the M-5.9 located off the East coast of Honshu, Japan (I am currently running ADC: 20, SPS: 25), which I may post tomorrow.

For those monitoring N6ECT-1/ARPSN-1 (APRS), I have decided to 'up the Magnitude' to: '4 and above' (local), for the moment, and will explain later. All I need to do is connect a cable, and my data will start uploading, but I still have some things to 'work out', before that happens.

I have decided to create a special housing for the VolksMeter in order to allow for its 'full potential and am not in a hurry (current data keeps me 'into the screen' and taking notes).

If it warms up, and all goes well, I should have the L15Bs' on-line this weekend and (perhaps), start APRS alerts.