Screenshot of WeatherLink and L15Bs running on same machine
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The equipment part (I needed two weeks ago and not the fault of the company.) arrived early this afternoon and I have been busy; but first, a comment on our recent local weather.

If you recall, due to the 100+ f. degree temperatures (here) last weekend, the seismic shed rebuild got postponed, and the hot temperatures continued; except during the evening, when it cools down on the mountain.

Yesterday it was in the 100s f. again and this morning it was in the 40s f. at the house (upper 30s at the NW corner == not 'normal weather') and currently (0321 UTC) is 56 f. degrees.

[This radical change in temperature reminded me of a place I visited in the Himalayas, where it would be +/- zero during the night and 80 +/- f. degrees during the day.]

Because I am tired, this will be a brief 'catch-up' [more pictures or a new page later].

A used (lease expired) HP/COMPAQ NC6000 - XP-PRO/SP3 laptop (with port replicator) was added to ARPSN-1 along with a QUATECH RS-232, 4 Port PCMCIA Type II card (Part # QSP-100 G) and I have the Davis VP2 running WeatherLink for APRS and the MP L15Bs running on two serial ports of it (QSP-100). The VolksMeter sensors also work on it, and the remaining thing I need to test is the serial connection to the Kenwood D700A with the Kenwood software (tomorrow). The D710A will be discussed later.

I am pleased with WeatherLink and will eventually begin to set up a weather page, associated programs, and feeds.

(fwiw) I put a week's worth of research into the four port serial Quatech PCMCIA (with port replicator total = five (5) RS-232 ports) and my main reason for selecting this device; besides the fact it appears 'to work out of the box as stated,' is because I discovered an Express Card to PCMCIA card converter that will work with newer laptops, in case I want to upgrade to a newer notebook with ample storage, on alternative power.

Proposed and working = ** :

Serial Port #:

1 = free **

2 = L15Bs **

3 = WeatherLink **

4 = VolksMeter (** yes, but no data provided until seismic shed rebuild)

5 = Tm-D700A (untested)

To Be Continued == gn