Near the end of last week we lost our main water feed to the house; which is also used for irrigation, leaving us with about 1400 gallons of water in 'the drinking' tank. Today, it is down to about 200 gallons and bathing in the (spring fed) pond is too cold (-;

I have worked every day on restoring the water; with exception of one day when I injured my hand, and it is still not complete. (fwiw) When I was in my 40s through 50s, the work (here) was easier, but now, the elder aspect of age is pissing me off (-; because I am still on that 16/7 work schedule and getting less done.

Since I have mentioned weather changes in our area before, here is something that gets 'more in depth' from the local paper:

Dry weather, spring freeze cost local farmers millions

Estimated Lake County spring crop losses
Pears: $12,108,656
Winegrapes: $3,028,894
Hay crop: $1,600,000
Walnuts: $1,026,998
Rangeland: $138,240
Total: $17,902,788
Lake County Agricultural Commissioner's Office figures


When water is restored I will return to the 'last phases' of the new seismic shed.