No ARPSN progress due to smoke from Northern California fires. (fwiw) The smoke leaves a very fine ash on everything and messes up our county record of having the cleanest air in any California county.

If you would like to see a current Google Map of the fires in our area Click Here.

D700A Report - Besides the small amount of unauthorized packet transmission, I have noticed 3 cases where the power on the D700A has changed 2 times to H (high power) and 1 time to M (medium power) by itself. (fwiw) Once set (back in March) the radio has not been touched; except, to restore original settings I made.

Finally, it was 105.7 f. in the computer room yesterday (the first vent from the air conditioner comes into the computer room and sucks in the smoke, so we had to turn it off.) which makes it difficult to do anything.

Unless something new occurs, this will be the last post here for a while, until the Shed is complete.

200807.10 - 9 AM PDT Smoke