Slow but sure are the words for today... and as usual my anal kicked in at the last moment and extended the job, but in a good way.

It took me a day to disassemble the shed and move the wood to the workshop. (fwiw) Up to this point, everything from the old shed has been recycled into the new shed, all other material was at hand (left-over from other jobs), and with exception to concrete and sand, no extra expenses have occurred. (-; knock on wood ;-)

Originally, I had everything mapped out as a '1-2-3 process' and had hoped to have the 'base' finished by Monday morning, but I forgot to add a drain.

If one looks at the above picture, the corners (towards the right) seem to drop off the edge, and the ground leading up to the left side of the picture, slopes down.

I removed everything, dug the trench deeper (at a down slope angle), installed a wood positioning frame, surrounded the bottom of the foundation with pebbles, added a layer of fine red lava rock (about eight inches), realigned (squared and leveled) the concrete blocks, rebar'd it, installed the metal mounting frame (that will be sealed in cement) with bolts inserted, put a layer of sand between the slab and blocks, and am letting everything settle for the night, before I 'pour' (cement) tomorrow.

I learned something new, based on my age... if I work for an hour and rest an hour, I make decent progress; however, that does not eliminate 'tired and sore'. (-; Working on the downward slopes was a PITA.

As far as shed construction, I have decided to approach that in stages and here is what I have in mind.

First stage, (without insulation) reinstall ARPSN-1 (L15Bs) compare old charts with new charts, note ??? improvements.

Second stage, add internal insulation, install Flying Snail/Cobb Mountain PSN (VolksMeter) compare old charts with new charts, note ??? improvements.

Third stage, slowly cover shed with ten pound sand bags (to remove helicopter noise) and compare old charts with new charts, note ??? improvements. Anything beyond that (notable noise), will be filtered out.

(fwiw) The white pipe (above slab at top right of (above) picture) goes to a large holding tank (along with others) that is used for a 'back-up water supply' (primarily) during "fire watch" and will be connected to a gutter system on the shed.

Winter is coming and I am almost four months behind, on my original schedule. == Just goes to show, One never knows (-;