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1556 Haight Street San Francisco, Calif. 94117


Apparently, most merchants are enjoying a good summer business, with little or no trouble. It's good to see all, of us benefiting from our combined efforts towards creating a friendly and pleasant shopping street. Hopefully most of you are encouraging feedback from our neighborhood and. visiting shoppers. It is of course invaluable information as far as further development of our individual and collective efforts.

Several district residents have made comments to the fact that the shopping area is not "developing'" fast enough to suit their tastes, but have also expressed satisfaction and great enthusiasm towards the present stores and especially the overall appearance of the street. The development factor is due to, the slowed economy and general cautious attitude of investors, but most of us are aware of the positive and sensible approach to business that is a good side effect of a "slow development." Haight St. has made a surprisingly quick recovery and growth despite the economy and much negative reactions that we all hear. No one knows as much about the "new Haight-Ashbury" than we who are here nearly every day.

A good example of the change is now occurring on the far west end of Haight St. Alex's and the Exxon station are gone and the new McDonald's will soon be started. Regardless of what one may think of "Fast Food", McDonald's has promised the neighborhood a well landscaped and low-key structure that will be maintained quite frequently along with surrounding areas of the park and streets. Mother Fern, formerly located on Stanyan St., has moved to the corner, of Haight and Shrader Sts. and has tremendously enhanced the corner. An ice cream parlor, Ice Cream Madness, is preparing to open soon in the 1800 block. Ken from the Shingle Shack has recently opened his garden alley, rear yard and carriage house, and it's quite a surprise to see what he has accomplished with a former garbage way.

There is apparently some major remodeling work also being performed in some long-vacant buildings, but just what the businesses wi11 be is yet to be known. The city has recently "improved" the park entrance, at the end of Haight St., but, why they could not paint the "Berlin Wall" with the $12,000 reportedly spent is beyond comprehension, and should be checked out. Again the Department of Public Works is responsible. Regardless of the usual city blunders, the west end of Haight is finally picking itself up and looks like it could give the rest of I the street a "run-for-the-money."

Our friends from the Department of Public Works have promised the new trash receptacles by mid-August, so watch out for the 15th and if you don't see the new cans, call on the 16th! Bus stop benches and bike racks are "on their way" and have been promised for sometime this fall. Replacement trees for those broken are also promised in the near future. There are several people in the neighborhood who are trying to make sure the D.P.W. keeps their promises, but a friendly call from merchants inquiring about the new trees and street furniture is still needed. We must show the city that we do care about Haight St! The person to call in this regard is Mr. John Cribbs, 558-3608. Let him know that you care about your street and your tax money!

The merchants would like to extend sympathy to the owner and employees of Ross' Records for their tremendous fire loss earlier this month. All of us can truly say how sorry we are, but fortunately, most of us have not had the personal experience. Matinee and New Lite Market were also damaged by the fire and related mess, so we wish them a speedy reopening.

This newsletter as well as the merchant meetings are activities of the Haight-Ashbury Improvement Association, the oldest and largest organization in the area. The Association has the knowledge and political pull to get things done! Without your help via membership and/or attendance at the merchant meetings, your complaints and compliments fall on deaf ears. If you want something done and you really care about the Haight-Ashbury, join the Haight-Ashbury Improvement Association and attend the Merchant meetings, otherwise don't complain about the neighborhood. You can do something about your own situation if you choose, but we all know that "hot air" is cheap and hard work is not. Join in and get something that you want done!

NEXT MEETING: The next meeting for HaightAshbu.ry District business and professional people is Thursday, August 21 at 1654-A Haight St. (in a flat upstairs from etc. etc. etc. Ring bell to the left of Kent's store). Wine and cheese will be served., but the most important item to be served is YOUR IDEAS!

THE PICTURES? The business people whose signs are pictured here are among those who are leading the way in tasteful signing for their stores. Besides being in good taste, these signs are quite moderately priced in comparison to the electrified "plastic glitter".

Rick Nichols - Editor

Norman Miranda - Vice President (Merchants)

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