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Sprung - Late '60s picture wearing colors - Some patches have been removed

'60s After Honorable Vietnam Discharge

Through a number of posts, I discovered two other animators who also enjoyed Harley's.

During the middle of an email exchange with Steph, I ran across an old Indy film I appeared in during the '60s.

In one of the scenes, I'm coming down a mountain, standing on the seat of my chopper, with my arms outstretched and I told Steph I would put a copy of that scene 'online'.

The film has degraded, copy is poor & dark, but here it is: mov +++ avi

Other Vests

'70s-'80s colors - frontspacer'70s-'80s colors - back

'70s & '80s

'80s-'90s colors - front spacer '80s-'90s colors - back

'80s & '90s

2000+ colors - back


Steph and Hawgeye (Stealers & Dealers) were the inspiration for these pages. Thank You!


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