Flying Snail Ranch ~@~ Fire Watch

Panorama of a fire headed towards us several years ago.

The above picture is a panorama of a fire that was headed our way several years ago.

The same fire five minutes from out front gate.

This is the fire approximately five minutes from our front gate. Thankfully, the wind changed and the fire was extinguished.

Looking South as the compost pile area is cleared

Every year we prepare for "Fire Watch" and this year (2007) we had to hire help.

For the past three years our weather has changed and this year we are experiencing massive vegetation and minimal rain; which, in our opinion, is a formula for disaster.

Compost area before clearing


Compost area after clearing


Front right before


Front right after


More Front right before


More Front right after


There are no "before" photographs of the following because the brush was too thick.

Mound of Olive - turn left to go down first fire trail below house

The Mound of Olive - A left turn takes one to the first fire trail below the house

First fire trail below  house

First fire trail below house

By lower water tank headed for Meditation Rock

Trail by lower water tank leading to Meditation Rock

Meditation Rock Meadow

Meditation Rock Meadow leading to The Point

Gilligan's Island without the Bamboo (Upper Pond)

Gilligan's Island [Waterfall back, left, behind remaining brush and The Point is right and up. Bamboo was removed and will grow back by Spring.].

Lower Large (empty) Pond

Lower Large [Empty] Pond.

[Note: Normally we get over 100 inches of rain per year and during the drought years, maintained over 50 inches per year.

This year we had 37 inches of rain and the last 7 inches happened when it 'normally' does not rain, which caused excessive vegetation and brush.

Our next rain is predicted for early October, the neighbor's well, below, is down to 6 feet (normally 35 feet during the Summer), the streams down below are at a trickle (No one remembers them being so low, ever.), and we have enough water to run one sprinkler.]

Top of Mountain and Dahbud's old place.

Third fire trail below house, Dahbud's old place, and Top of Mountain

In conclusion, four major fire trails restored, two major trails to the streams below restored, and multiple overgrown areas and smaller trails cleared.

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