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Message number 5999 is 20 lines from Curtis Spangler
To Ms. Thunder at 09:26:57 on 04-Feb-81.
Subject: Hardware

Dear Ms. Thunder:

In reply, and as a final reply, I had hoped that you would have noticed that my interests are in the realm of hardware and software.
To make a long story short one of my machines calls other machines, while another machine talks to other machines; meaning that if I call a system, or if the machine does, and it receives no carrier, it goes on to the next system call, and then returns to the previous non-carrier call and redials, (no sore fingers from dialing). The machine dials faster than a speed dialer with memory and the basic design can be found in old computer magazines, i.e., Byte and or Kilobaud. One other thing that you might consider is a bad phone line from L. A., as, I have had the same experience calling this system, getting dropped off due to a bad carrier, and having to redial.
In conclusion, I am permanently logging of this system, because of the "attitude" you have demonstrated. I have more important things to do than go back and forth like tug-of-war, and have learned that one has to go above "things" in order to make change.
If I am ever around Tujunga, I will give you a call, would like to to see what goes behind the name. Get some rest and some sun. -cas-