How Global Warming Is Currently Affecting Us


Normal Winter with snow photo for as long as I can remember, until three years ago.


Photo of what it looks like today without snow or rain.


How it used to look at this time of the year with snow


These flowers normally display during the summer. This photo was taken in November.

For the past three years the weather in our area has changed drastically and I thought one might like to see how these changes have affected everything in our lives.

Originally, we selected this area because it is one of a few areas in California that has Seasons and it is alleged that the little canyon behind us gets more constant rainbows than anywhere else on the planet.

Rainbow in canyon behind house.

The best part of living here has been the weather and here is how it worked up until three years ago.

Starting in mid November, the rain would begin, progress into snow, and return to rain by March, which usually ended during April.

Our constant annual rainfall is greater than one hundred inches and during the worst part of drought years, we maintained greater than fifty inches of rainfall.

April through October was always stated as 'ranch work' because it never rains during these months and is the focal point of my annual 'workout' that involves things like winter repairs, raking leaves from the eighteen oak trees that surround our house, cleaning the waterlines which run about a mile up the ridge of the mountain we live on, clearing fire trails, clearing brush 100 yards from all buildings (the law), composting, etc.

Normally, it was impossible to do any work outside for the six months (November - April) of winter and was perfect for doing all the computer work I accumulate during 'the year'.

As of three years ago, without exaggeration, I started working sixteen hours a day, seven days a week doing 'ranch work' because the weather pattern for our area had 'drastically changed', which created a lot of problems.

For example, during past Novembers, since we live in a remote area and use a wood stove to keep warm, the moment the rains began, we could light the wood stove.

With the new weather pattern, and no rain or snow, it still got cold, but we could not light the wood stove for fear of catching the un-raked leaves on fire, so I spent October, November, December, and part of January during the last three years, raking leaves, which is normally finished by the end of May and was done in order to keep warm and feel good about lighting the stove. In case one is wondering why this would create paranoia for us, it is important to know this area is considered a 'fire zone' and here is one fire that came within five minutes (fire traveling time) of our front gate a few years ago.

Fire on the ridge

Fire five minutes from front gate.

The new weather pattern has also affected our water supply.

We have two major water feeds for the ranch; one for Winter, which is simple, and one for Summer, which is complex.

As it stands now, our Winter water feed is at a trickle, because the springs on the property are not overflowing as they have done in the past, due to lack of rain, and this leaves us using the 'normal' Summer water feed which during the Summer is fine, but during Winter is a PITA, and here is why.

In order to save electricity, a gravity water flow system has been incorporated at the ranch and about a mile of pipe has been laid along a ridge that goes to the top of the mountain, where it connects to a spring/stream that runs along the northern border of the property.

The water pressure at the ranch from this water feed is approximately 60 PSI and normally provides our Summer irrigation.

Because of the new weather patterns, and sporadic, limited, rain, the Summer water feed gets filled with stones during the Winter and requires constant cleaning, which means I have to walk the ridge, break the pipe at clamped sections, remove the stones, reconnect the pipe, continue to the next 'break', and repeat. I should also mention this causes me to fall a lot (very steep), get covered with water and mud, and needless to say, it is very cold, rain, snow, or not, during the Winter, which also plays havoc with my hands.

Another thing which has changed because of the new weather patterns is plant 'blooming'. Nothing is coming up when it is supposed to and for the last three years we have lost our fruit crops, because they bloomed in January and there was a freeze in February which killed the fruit. There are numerous examples of this with our flowers and vegetables as well. (fwiw) I have been a vegetarian for over forty years and I like growing my own food. This has not happened for three years.

Then there are the animals and if I had a better camera, I would share some really fantastic things that occur here that the weather has also changed.

We now have a lot of wild 'critters' that live near the house ??? and we saw this 'guy' grow up and take off to start his own family.

Turkey standing on top of car.

Every year, with exception to the last three, there are a number of events we have looked forward to.

My favorites are, during the Summer there is one day, where during the late afternoon, dragonflies start to fly West towards the sun and pass directly over our house. There are usually so many of them, that they almost blank out the sky. If you are aware of these critters, you know they have many beautiful colors and this 'happening' is truly a visual treat. Since the weather has changed, this no longer happens.

One of the funniest things that happens here involves birds and a red berry that one normally sees attached to a holiday wreath.

By March, the remaining red berries on the trees start to ferment and this is when flocks of birds normally start returning to the area.

The birds end up getting drunk from eating the berries, which causes all sorts of humorous events to occur -- just picture drunken birds fighting and yelling at one another.

This year, the Starlings arrived in late December, as opposed to March, and gobbled down most of the remaining berries, which had not fermented yet.

Around the beginning of the second week of January the Robins arrived (normally March), and started to clean out the remaining berries.

To date (200702.07) the Red Headed Woodpeckers and Stellar Jays have not arrived (normally March), there are no berries on the trees, and I am wondering what they will eat when they arrive.

Another thing I noticed in January (2007) was on the second week, when it was very warm +/- 70f. degrees, butterflies started appearing and there were no flowers or anything else I saw that would allow them to survive.

I am very disappointed our current political leadership suggests Global Warming is a myth.

Double  Rainbow in canyon behind house

Subterranean Homesick Blues
by Bob Dylan

Johnny's in the basement Mixing up the medicine I'm on the pavement Thinking about the government The man in the trench coat Badge out, laid off Says he's got a bad cough Wants to get it paid off Look out kid It's somethin' you did God knows when But you're doin' it again You better duck down the alley way Lookin' for a new friend The man in the coon-skin cap In the big pen Wants eleven dollar bills You only got ten

Maggie comes fleet foot Face full of black soot Talkin' that the heat put Plants in the bed but The phone's tapped anyway Maggie says that many say They must bust in early May Orders from the D. A. Look out kid Don't matter what you did Walk on your tip toes Don't try "No Doz" Better stay away from those That carry around a fire hose Keep a clean nose Watch the plain clothes You don't need a weather man To know which way the wind blows

Get sick, get well Hang around a ink well Ring bell, hard to tell If anything is goin' to sell Try hard, get barred Get back, write braille Get jailed, jump bail Join the army, if you fail Look out kid You're gonna get hit But users, cheaters Six-time losers Hang around the theaters Girl by the whirlpool Lookin' for a new fool Don't follow leaders Watch the parkin' meters

Ah get born, keep warm Short pants, romance, learn to dance Get dressed, get blessed Try to be a success Please her, please him, buy gifts Don't steal, don't lift Twenty years of schoolin' And they put you on the day shift Look out kid They keep it all hid Better jump down a manhole Light yourself a candle Don't wear sandals Try to avoid the scandals Don't wanna be a bum You better chew gum The pump don't work 'Cause the vandals took the handles

Rainbow in canyon behind house.

Speaking of Wind Blows, and Off Topic, I would really like folks who have a loved one in Iraq or Afghanistan or family living in the area known as the "Middle East" to watch this flash movie on depleted uranium, or DU as it is known, and is presented because Nobody knows which way the 'winds blow'.

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