Blender Network Rendering Program

This program was written by Upi Tamminen

I have put a copy of Upi's program on this site and you can download it here:

reppu-0.1pre1.tar.gz - [12556 bytes].

Here is Upi's README file:

Reppu is a network-renderer for use with blender.


Using reppu is very simple, just start reppu server in each host you want to use for rendering. 'reppu --server'.

Blender must be installed on each host !

Then start the client, e.g

reppu -e 360 hieno.blend localhost

This renders 360 frames of hieno.blend by using reppu-server on each host.


>> 5/100 [hostname]

this means "hostname" starts to render frame 5 of 100.


Please report bugs / send comments to desaster ( at) sci (dot) fi

More information can be found by searching the Blender News Archives using the keyword .