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Cobb, CA - Macon, GA - Redwood City, CA - Comparison
Complete FFT-CSP Animation - February 01 - May 22, 2009

North/South - Cobb [Mountain], CA (PSN) - East/West

North/South - Redwood City, CA (PSN)

North/South - Macon, GA (Pier) - East/West

[Notes: Graph Amplitude (DB) varies on all three (3) site locations. Macon Pier Channel 1 is set East/West and Cobb [Mountain] Channel One is set North/South. Period (sec) varies on Macon, GA Pier plots. - Large Animation]

Chang Heng's seismoscope
For More Information:
A New Look at an Old Tool:
the Cumulative Spectral Power of Fast-Fourier Transform Analysis
Sheng-Chiang Lee and Randall D. Peters
Physics Department, Mercer University, Macon, GA 31207

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