Amateur Radio Public Seismic Network

NOTE 202109.21: Due to fire & floods there is no "Current Seismicity".
I am attempting to rebuild another PSN from the pieces I have left.

The original Redwood City PSN is now located at:

PSN Heliplots can be observed here:

Adobe; without regard to anyone's work or content, scuttled FLASH!
I am working on a fix to replace all ARPSN Flash Animation; if possible.

Chang Heng's seismoscope


During 1997 I started to construct a PSN seismic station and got as far as building a 'seismic shed' with a large poured concrete block as a base and collecting some of the equipment, before I was diverted.

This will be my second attempt to complete this project, with hopes of adding some current technology and creating an Amateur Radio Public Seismic Network.

White Paper being prepared.

ARPSN is dedicated to Larry Cochrane for his contribution to Public Seismic Network (PSN) and Dr. Hank Magnuski, KA6M, for his contribution to amateur packet radio and Pacific Packet Radio Society PPRS.

Heliplots - Hidden Valley Lake, CA USA 95467
COBB (Cobb Mountain), CA, 95426, USA: off-line due to Valley Fire.

Amateur Radio Public Seismic Network Heliplots

Local Terrane: Clear Lake Volcanic Field - Cobb - Cobb Mountain - Hidden Valley Lake (HVL) - (Hunting Creek Fault - 7 miles ENE of HVL)


Seismic Sources

APRS Sources

Know Your Earth: A Simple Start


Earthquake References

Amateur Radio References




L15B WinSDR Settings - [Work in progress]

VM WinSDR Settings

Seismic Shed Re-construction

Noise and the Seismic Shed

Seismic Events (of Interest) Recorded by ARPSN

2008 - 2009 - 2010

Progress Log - [View development]


Progress Log: Complete

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Flying Snail Amateur Seismic Research & FFT-CSP Animation

Amateur Seismic Research and FFT-CSP Animation

PSN Web Sites ~ History of the PSN

World Personal Seisometer Map - by Tiago Agrelos - WPSMap Instructions Huntsville Alabama, USA - Steve's Facebook Page - New 201304.02

Amateur Seismic Station GVA - New 201304.02

Amateur Teleseismic Network (ATN)

Calgary, Alberta - Jeff Zambory's PSN

Chirinet, Panama's Public Seismic Network - - Not Responding 201304.02

Coonabarabran, NSW, Australia - Seismic Observatory (EPSO) & PSN

Dominica Public Seismic Network

Dunedin, New Zealand Public Seismic Network

Fairbanks, Alaska Public Seismic Network

F.E.S.N. - Italy Friuli Experimental Seismic Network

Fivizzano and Carrara, Italy - Seismic Apuano Observatory

Friendswood, Texas - Frank Cooper's Public Seismic Network Station

Golden, Colorado Public Seismic Network

Haelen, The Netherlands - Peut's PSN

Jón Frímann's PSN Station - Updated 201304.02

Italian Experimental Seismic Network

Kailua-Kona, Hawaii Public Seismic Network

Monroe, Louisiana - Louisiana Delta Science Department PSN

New Zealand Seismology and PSN

Pearland, Texas - John Cole's PSN

Redwood City, California Public Seismic Network - PSN origin

Rolling Hills Estates, California PSN

San Jose, California Public Seismic Network

San Jose, California - Pete Rowe's PSN Station

Spring, Texas - TekMate Seismic Studies PSN

1997 Proposed Block Diagram for Flying Snail PSN Seismic Station
1997 Proposed Block Diagram for Flying Snail PSN Seismic Station

Amateur Radio Index

NOTE 201605.03

I am soon at the point of seismic station
reconstruction and should be online within a month or two.

NOTE 201510.10

There will be another slight delay:
Valley Fire: Photographs & Story


Upper East Backyard
Backyard, Eastern Ridge ~ 300'/91m waterfall (white water) drop into pool at bottom (old photo).




[Click to view Seismic Shed Construction ~ Seismic Log]




Ranch ~ Seismic
[Click to view Assembling VolksMeter II - 2CUG Kit ~ Seismic Log]


Ranch ~ Woodstove

[Click to continue viewing Valley Fire photographs and story]

Thank You for your Patience, Curtis

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