Davis 6152c (cabled) Weather Station

Adding Davis 6152c (cabled) Weather Station to N6ECT-?/ARPSN-1 (an aid for 'fine tuning', to associate with seismic data) and pictures will be added under a 'future', to be constructed, weather page.

The Davis was selected because of accessories and ease of upgrading. In due process, I will include a section on building a home-made weather station.

I have not decided on which software I will use and that will be added later.

I managed to get the L15B package (the main sensors for ARPSN) functioning with the Garmin GPS and images are currently being uploaded to the seismic page.

(fwiw) Uploading data (for me, at this point) is a PITA because we use secure access (ssh/sftp) and most Windows software does not address this. In turn, I (for personal reasons) upload all pertinent Windows data into an 'iron box', that scans input/output/etc. for 'nasties', and then sends checked data to a machine that uploads it securely, to my pages. Yes, there is (what I call) 'work-around software', which establishes a sftp shell, but rarely comes with source, and I don't have time to 'monitor it'.