As usual, things are taking longer than expected, the rebuild of the seismic shed is tending towards PITA, and having a younger body would be an asset (-;

Last night, around 7 pm, I finished the foundation trench on the 'cliff side' and to complete that portion, I still have to level the trench, tie the concrete blocks together, and pour the concrete (maybe today).

I had hoped to be finished with ARPSN by today, the sixtieth (60) day of this project, am glad I allocated an extra 30 days for the delivery delays, etc., and wanted to say, Thank you for visiting.

Weather and Seismic Activity, Cobb [Mountain], California, USA

Click above image for large picture. Top is local weather, bottom is concurrent seismic activity; UTC time noted on left, GPS date, UTC, PDT time is located in the lower left corner. - Updating Image corresponds to seismic page image.