Short version: We had a rogue rain storm, ARPSN-1 back online for testing purposes, and I am tired. (-;

Rogue Storm Coming that produced 2.61 inches of rain

The new shed is at a point where I can start testing for wind noise, etc. and heliplots will be uploaded.

The shed has not been sealed and there is no insulation.

Seismic data will be ON/OFF line until the shed is ready for the VolksMeter.

This is part of "new shed test one" with L15Bs - pictures later.

Current state of shed re-construction.

As usual, I kept making 'on-the-fly' adjustments during construction, which increased the time it took to get done, and used about ninety-eight percent (98%) of the old shed to rebuild the new shed. (fwiw) The original shed was built by a carpenter and was nailed together. All nails have been removed and the entire shed is screwed and bolted together (It can be disassembled and moved; except for the slab and new foundation).

On the day we had the 'rogue rain storm' (2.61 inches) I was trying to finish the roof and discovered the boards I had set aside, were too short and also needed one more piece of siding. These items should be delivered this afternoon and installed by tonight.

I managed to create a temporary roof and double tarp it (above picture) before the storm hit. ;-) I am proud to say the new seismic shed survived our first rain of the season.

I hooked up ARPSN-1 (L15B sensors) and sealed the remaining shed with odd pieces of lumber.

Heliplots are very much improved and it appears, in the end, this shed may work.

Heliplots located here: http://www.flyingsnail.com/seismic.html

The wind only reached 9 MPH last night and there was no visible wind noise on the heliplots. I have not heard a helicopter yet, but will continue to listen. It appears the (what I call) "Geysers Hum" noise is now gone from the E/W channel.

200810.06 - 19:50 - The wood arrived at 17:56 and I spent the day cleaning up.

Seismic data will be off-line tomorrow while I install the roof and remaining front siding.

I am leaving the concrete set for an extra day, or two, and intend to finish the framework for installation tomorrow.