Added Noise page - Updated ARPSN to reflect active PSN stations (from Larry's Redwood City Public Seismic Network page).

Changed VolksMeter from ADCB: 16 SPS: 80 to ADCB: 24 SPS: 10

As one may have noticed, the VolksMeter II is publicly on-line and running through a series of tests, starting with setting various ADC bits and SPS (samples per second).

The VolksMeter is currently running ADCB: 16 - SPS: 80 (I started at ADCB: 24 - SPS:10, then ADCB: 22 - SPS: 10, then ADCB: 20 - SPS: 10). The final setting will be in the area of ADCB: 24 or 22 and SPS: 10.

My personal experience is, the VolksMeter needs about a month (at a new location) before it starts to settle down, which is when it needs a final re-calibration.

One may have also seen the large red tracer plots, from a few days ago, that were a result of accidentally bumping the L15B sensors while adjusting the VolksMeter... What can I say, other than I am tall and the shed is small (-;

Allegedly, there is a winter storm headed here this coming weekend and preparation for Winter is a few chores shy of being done.