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Mid '70s Unity Foundation Pamplet - Folded Front

There seems to be a consensus of Uninformed that believe: 'those who have a tendency to complain do not participate.'


For close to a quarter century I served as 'Chairperson' of Unity Foundation and retired my position. - Curtis a.k.a. ~@~

Mid '70s Unity Foundation Pamplet - Inside Left

How We Serve

Unity Foundation brings together humanitarian groups through educational festivals. We present performing and visual arts, workshops, classes, and speakers. The fairs have involved 50,000 people and 100 ecological, political, spiritual, third-world, and community service groups. Together we share information, ideas, and skills, in an environment of self-sufficiency and sharing.

The fairs' production costs, waste, and problems are minimal and color, art, and friendliness are bountiful. The fairs demonstrate how to survive in an urban environment in simplicity and enjoyment. Our publicity states "no drugs or alcohol", keeping the atmosphere. harmonious and clean. Participation is emphasized, breaking down the audience-performer roles found in conventional concerts or fairs. Food and other products are sold on a donation basis. Receptacles are provided for on-site recycling.


September 27 & 28, 1975
Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

40,000 people gathered to celebrate with 45 community organizations, 30 local performing arts groups, the Jefferson Starship and the Grateful Dead.

March 20 and 21, 1976
Vernal Equinox Celebration
McLaren Park, San Francisco

62 community organizations and 40 performing groups provide entertainment, classes, and workshops for 5,000 people.

April 21, 1976
Cable 8 TV, San Francisco

10 hours of interviews, entertainment and video tapes of Unity Fairs I and II.

Mid '70s Unity Foundation Pamplet - Inside Right

September 4 and 5, 1976
Labor Day Weekend
Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

This was probably the most innovative community fair in the country. 93 organizations celebrated with booths, workshops, and demonstrations, many in geodesic domes. There was an elaborate cardboard city for the children, and the biggest natural energy display ever in the San Francisco parks.

Mayor Moscone proclaimed September 4 through 11 "Unity Week", and urged all citizens to attend the Fair.

Well-known speakers included Dennis Banks of the American Indian Movement, Cliff Humphrey co-founder of the Peace and Freedom Party and Ecology Action, reading the Declaration of Interdependence, Peter Berg of the Bay Area Mussel Group speaking on bio-regional re inhabitation, Ponderosa Pine giving a Bio-Centenial address, and Wavy Gravy introducing Nobody for President.

Entertainers included the San Francisco Dancers' Workshop, Merle Saunders, Rene LeBallister and Sylvester, and Forecast.

Why Unity Fairs?

Motivating the fairs is Unity Foundation's desire to offer opportunities for service to people of all lifestyles, and to create new possibilities for cooperation among those already engaged in specific projects.

And Now...

We are working on the organization of neighborhood Unity Fairs in the different districts of San Francisco. We aim to show the available resources and the unexplored potential for cooperation in these diverse areas. These fairs will lead to a large annual gathering, expressing the possibility for mutual service among all people.

Simultaneously, we are presenting the possibility for Unity through documentation of our activities through films, videotapes, slides, photography shows, audio tapes, and speaking engagements.

Highlights of Unity Fair III are being organized for an album on Bio-Centennial Records.

We welcome your ideas, participation, and support - because unity begins with you.

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References and Associates

Allen Ames, the Rainbow Family

Dennis Banks, American Indian Movement

Phillip Bloom, Omniversal Family Presents

Tony Brown, Earth News Service

Pat Farrington, New Games Foundation

Wavy Gravy, Merry Prankster, Initiator of the Nobody for President Campaign

Richard Hansen, President of the Preservation Hall Democratic Club and Native Sons of Golden West

Tina Hoffman, Founder of Preservation Hall Democratic Club

Cliff Humphrey, Co-founder of the Peace and Freedom Party and Ecology Action

Paul Krassner, writer, editor of The Realist

Carl Macki, Black Whole Communications, editor of X

David McQueen, KSAN-FM News Dept.

Gene Parsons, musician with the Byrds and the Flying Burrito Bros.

Ponderosa Pine, naturalist and activist.

Tony Serra, San Francisco lawyer and past mayoral candidate

Curtis Spangler, Hiranyaloka Agency of the Arts, United State Cafe - San Francisco

Stevie Wonder, musician, arranger and producer.

Unity Foundation is a tax-exempt non-profit organization in the State of California.

UNITY FOUNDATION is Serving the Community

Bringing together diverse organizations and individuals.

Creating an environment of open communication to synthesize innovative community projects.

Introducing new cooperative relationships which produce less duplication of energy and increase realization of project goals. - Current projects Unity Foundation is involved with.

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Subject: yat

Yet another test.


From Tue Jul 4 18:35:32 1989
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Subject: dsp-group@ka7axd roll call (so far)...
Status: R

> Since Mike's having problems with a mailer on the other side of...

Contrary to comments from Brian, the is alive and
kicking (ka7axd is not experiencing any mailer problems, either side of Thank you for the volunteer help, though, Brian. As of
today (in the wee hours of the 4th o' July) there have been several messages
regarding switched cap filters, the Ariel dsp board, the 56K, etc.

Currently the dsp-group is comprised of the following dsp-interested people: (Richard Bisbey - NG6Q) (Bob Albrightson - N7AKR) (Maitland Bottoms - AA4HS) (Curtis Spangler - N6ECT) (Tom Clark - W3IWI) (Dave Borden - K8MMO) (Dave McNeill - WB7BLB) (DSP archive pseudo-person) (Bdale's redist list) (Phil's redist list)
gatech!stiatl! (John DeArmond - WD4OQC)
gatech!uflorida!novavax!ankh! (Garry's redist list) (Greg Troxel - N1DAM) (Glen Elmore - N6GN) (Glen R. Sands - KA7AYF)
idacrd! (Bob McGwier - N4HY) (Jim English - WA7QLB) (John A. Limpert - N3DMC) (Michael Horne - KA7AXD)
n5x@psuvm.bitnet (Jim Mankin - KB3KJ) (Dave Trulli - NN2Z) (Phil Lapsley - N6TCT) (Paul Shen)
uunet!ism780c!kodak! (Barry L. Ornitz - WA4VZQ)
uunet!! (Henk Peek - PA0HZP)

Again, to get your very own subscription to the dsp-group, send your name,
callsign, and a valid email address to:, or, or

To post messages to the group, send them to:

or appropriate permutation as shown above. Brian's guidelines that he has
set forth for the tcp-group should also be followed here (re: redistribution,

I maintain archives of the dsp-group on a per-month basis, or finer resolution
as dictated by the volume of traffic. To receive archives, send the month/year
span of interest to, and they will be
promptly shipped out to you. Better yet, if you have Internet access, the
archive can also be accessed via anonymous ftp from: (

in /pub/dsp/dsp-group.

Please send any questions or comments directly to me. Enjoy!


Quake XQuake quake xquake

curtis (xxx@xxx)
Thu, 09 Oct 1997 12:04:39 -0700

hi emilio,

due to the constant requests for information regarding quake, i am cross-posting this to the axp-list,...besides, it's chilly up here on the mountain (where i live), this morning, and a few flames (chuckle) might warm me up - NOT.

> On the other hand, when i try running quake i get the following:
>> From what i'm told this has to do with shared memory.
> Is there a way to turn shared memory on or off.

i'm not sure this is a ""verbatim"" "shared memory" problem (comments below).

> Excuse the ignorance but i'm trying to learn Linux since i'm a VMS user

(smile - learning is learning - and (imo) a good thing - no problem)

>everything seems so confusing or non organized with UNIX that i'm having a
> hard time getting this kind of detailed info.

(chuckle) maybe a first step towards "chaO.S." programming. seriously, this is why a lot of my old vms friends (i cut my teeth on an ibm360/20 back in 1966 and have played with various os/programming over the years- smile) use nt (despite their (imo) "valid" opinions of ms - chuckle). slowly, i am changing some of them to see the merits of what i consider to be the most advanced, experimental, "young" *nix os around, (smile) linux/alpha!

(sidebar) between my 266/udb and xlt300 (smile) i have incorporated so many bits and pieces of rh4.0/4.1/4.2/ (yup, i have all the cds') - milo 2.0.18 thru 2.0.31 - kernels 2.0.30 / 2.0.31 / 2.1.56 - em86 .1/.2, that i have (chuckle) given up on trying to define versions and libs. my only wish (smile - and i know what is said about wishing) is that i could run "rpm -Va" and not get any reports -- JUST ONCE! the same is true of source compilation -- JUST ONCE - "no warnings"..., but as they say, rome wasn't built in a day, so i have learned a lot about patience. if i haven't said it enough, "KUDOS" to the fine folks from dec and various linux orgs. who have consistently helped us. (soapbox mode off)

>**********************QUAKE ERROR MESSAGE
> **********************
> X Error of failed request: BadAccess (attempt to access private
> resource
> denied)
> Major opcode of failed request: 129 (MIT-SHM)
> Minor opcode of failed request: 3 (X_ShmPutImage)
> Serial number of failed request: 49
> Current serial number in output stream: 50
> **********************QUAKE ERROR MESSAGE**********************


i have never played with an as200-4/166, so this is speculation and i have had "no problems" running xquake on my machines. ((HOWEVER-BIG CHUCKLE) i would not advise running squake under em86 with a pnp sound card, unless you want to spend a week trying to figure out what happened to your sound.- whew!)

things to try:

start fresh: mount your quake cdrom and copy resourse.1 to: /usr/games/quake issue: lha -x resource.1 get rid of everything in the directory, except the id1 directory and the files (pak) therein. unpack your xquake tarball in /usr/games/quake.

issue: strace ./alpha-ELF-xquake > tracefile (take a look at tracefile to see what is happening when xquake fails)

issue: ./alpha-ELF-xquake -stdvid -safe

valid parameters for this version are: -nomouse -nojoy -nocdaudio -nolan -stdvid -safe -nosound -dedicated -listen (there are some others, but, i don't "think" they apply, "in this case").

NOTE::: once you get it running (this does not apply to 106xquake --- only xquake) you have to go into the console and issue (as you see it): disconnect ; map start

if "None of the Above" work, try this:

ftp> bin
ftp> tick
ftp> cd /pub/DEC/Linux-Alpha/X11/
ftp> get axpbin-Xtga-BETA-0.2.gz
ftp> close
ftp> quit
gunzip -d /usr/quake/axpbin-Xtga-BETA-0.2.gz
mv /usr/X11R6/bin/XF86_TGA /usr/X11R6/bin/XF86_TGA.orig
mv axpbin-Xtga-BETA-0.2 /usr/X11R6/bin/XF86_TGA
then issue (in your quake directory): ./alpha-ELF-xquake

(note): don't forget to change back to your original XF86_TGA if this doesn't work.

Stefan van der Eijk <xxx@xxx> and John Ross Hunt <xxx@xxx> had some good observations in their "Subject: RE: Quake" posts to the axp-list (29 & 30 Sep 1977) and you might want to check them out.

nm <xxx@xxx> in a private note said:
> well i got it working!!!
> turns out i read a post on a news group that led me to
> the key...
> linus said his didnt work either so he released a fixed
> one, which worked for me :)
> xquake-1.06-alpha-bin.gz :) <this one works fine for me too - curtis>

(moving right along):

the "base" error messages (above) come from /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/XErrorDB my first assumption is: check your X stuff. i'm running the XFree86 3.3.1-1 rpms' on both of my machines.

i do not have the quake source...(smile)...which doesn't make this easy. however, ("attempt to access private resource"), (guess only) may have something to do with Xlib and a fail on quake's VID_Update, producing the X_ShmPutImage message. if you take a look at: /usr/X11R6/include/X11/Xlib.h you will notice "Structures and symbols starting with "_" are private to the library." which (to me) might be a clue.

"audio" - just to be safe check these ((pertinent to onboard MSS ONLY)): ((may vary on different systems - "i don't know" - taken from my udb)) take a look at /etc/soundconf (here's mine):

#define CONFIG_MSS
#define CONFIG_AD1848
#define MSS_BASE 0x530
#define MSS_IRQ 9
#define MSS_DMA 3
#define SELECTED_SOUND_OPTIONS 0x00000200

cat /proc/devices 14 sound
cat /proc/dma 3: Sound System
cat /proc/interrupts 9: 111 SoundPort

on another note: do you have /etc/nsswitch.conf ?

if you really want to get into it, you may also want to check with the: X Consortium.

here's a good place to keep up with quake and linux (the links as well):

it might be time to construct a linux/alpha xquake FAQ, which might be a good addition for this (above) and other linux/quake sites. i am too far behind on other projects to take this on myself (smile) volunteers?

....and don't forget to search the axp mail archives located at a number of sites for old "quake/xquake" posts.

good luck n'very best2u all,

curtis - alt.old.good.but.rarely.used.address:
i want Nobody to control my life. -
< cspang@mit-ai, l5!cas@lll-crg, cas@su-shasta, rtfm@jnb - (retired)>

N6ECT - ARRL Emergency Coordinator, Data Communications

During the 1970s, Fred Bray, KE6CD (Emergency Coordinator Radio Communications) and I (Emergency Coordinator Data Communications) provided the Mayor's Office of Emergency Services a complete FREE Emergency Disaster & Evacuation plan for the City of San Francisco, as a service of the Amateur Radio community.

Commendation from Red Cross

Western Field Office
1870 Ogden Drive
P.O. Box 909
Burlingame, California 94010
(415) 692-5201

American Red Cross

May 20, 1986

Dear Curtis,

What a pleasure it was to work with you during the disaster! I learned so much, and was able to relay it in a coherent manor to the DWI [Department of Welfare Inquiry] Task Force. It helped so much when we wrote our proposal to National Headquarters and they bought it all. I'm sure the little chart you drew was a big help -- Stan Sneed came to our final planning meeting and gave a good deal of computer type input too. Now we begin the search for funds!

You were so terrific to hang in and do so much to make the DWI operation work -- and we appreciated it so very much.

Helen R. Smith

Thank You Letter from Red Cross

San Francisco CommuniTree - 1978
In Memory of Dean Gengle


APPENDIX B: Amateur Radio Conference Printout

The following is a sample printout of the Amateur Radio Conference currently running on CommuniTree No. 2, in San Francisco. The conference Fairwitness is Curtis Spangler, who became the world's first real-life Fairwitness as soon as he found out what a Fairwitness is. Thanks, Curtis.

This branch is dedicated to Amateur Radio. Please feel free to add any information or comments. -cas-

A solar event hotline service is being provided jointly by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the National oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Information on sunspots, solar flares, geomagnetic storms and the impact of the sun's behavior on radio transmissions will be provided in daily recorded messages from the Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland. The telephone number is (301) 344-8129. The daily recordings will serve Amateur Radio operators interested in the sun's activities.

*** *RTTY I-JUN-81
This area is for RTTY related subjects -.-

*** K6GWE/R 1-JUN-81
Ok ... K6GWE/R (147.93/33) RTTY repeater .... 45.45 Baud (60 wpm) 170 Hz shift (2125 Hz mark/2295 Hz space) Mark tone to access repeater All welcome. Repeater also has it's own "mailbox", accessed by "MBX de <your call> Help" Also, some simplex stuff, from 100 wpm baudot, to attempts at 110 baud ascii on or around 145.61 (simplex). - 8107.26 CommuniTree -- First Edition Page 124

(Copyright @ 1981 Smith & Gengle) -

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