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Ever run into a situation, assignment, report, term paper, or tenure publishing agreement you would really like to avoid, but can not find a way around it?

This story is an assignment written as science (sic) faction from a course titled: Alpha Intellectualism 911.2; something I can only force out, paragraph by paragraph.

[(fwiw) I have a technical writing background, which is one reason for avoidance of this paper.]


HERB (Human Extraterrestrial Reissue Biology) was an experiment in psigentic transference.


Mistakes happen.


I am a graduate student at MTI working on an assigned thesis.

During the summer of 2991 MTI-AAT (Mars Technology Institute Advance Archeological Team) discover a cache of old data disks, magnetic tape, technical journals and books in a cave located on the side of an old volcano, in what was once called Northern California.

The information gathered from this discovery miraculously contained detailed files about MTI's founding father, Dr. Hank Magnuski and his technological contributions which allowed stellar data communications between hydrogen and hydroxyl ions.

One of the more important discoveries was a book titled, "Your Gateway to Packet Radio" by Stan Horzepa, WA1LOU, published by, "The American Radio Relay League" (ARRL) that contained the name of the mystery person who was possibly responsible for our teleportation technology.

Under a section in the book, titled, "1984: Historic Firsts" it says, "Curtis Spangler and Mike Flynn exchanged packets at 9600 bauds on August 23, 1984, using quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) techniques. Over a five-mile path, there were no errors using 10 watts, and 60% to 70% throughput using one watt."

We were aware of Dr. Flynn's (Emeritus Professor of Electrical Engineering, Stanford University, Director of the Stanford University Computer Architecture and Arithmetic Group, Department of Electrical Engineering, Stanford, California) work, but had never heard of Spangler.

In another book, discovered at the archeological find, published by I.E.E.E. titled, "COMPCOM 86" [1986] we discover Spangler implemented Brett Glass's development of Polar QAM and that it was Spangler who was responsible for the first successful experimental transmissions of this data.

My doctoral thesis assignment: C. Spangler, Father of Teleportation.


Initial research laid a groundwork of intrigue.

It was as if someone had constructed an adventure game, where each step took one deeper into a maze of twisty passages of information, and it became obvious Spangler was more of a what than a who.

A giant leap from two million plus possible listings to one hundred eighty-seven thousand probable listings took about a week, and here is where the fun began.

Using keywords collected from data obtained at 'the find'; some of which linked ancient digital photographs, the first file to pop-up on Wiki was a priority file from Orion Data Base; an old United States government G-36 file dated from Chancellor of Megalomania Era titled, Flying Snail.

This G-36 file had been worked on since the time of our Elder founders; what we call, " forever," and nobody has been able to crack the security code.

One Saturn afternoon, while going though some of the ancient internet web pages, something stood out causing a, "well, it is worth a try," feeling.

At the bottom of one page was a date: 200801.26, title: Underground, group of alpha numeric's: [BB 14,7 GB 5,2 RB 21,4, WB 17,13], and portion of the Holy Declaration, instructing what must be done when government interferes with safety and happiness of their people. [Original reproduction, in ancient web format, with pictures, and topics of their times located at]:

An Apache server simulator was brought up and various parts of the alpha numeric's were entered as password for the G-36 file.

Much to everyone's surprise and amazement one password combination started a chaotic process that went through every page in the entire web file and initiated an assembly program collected from five thousand [What we initially thought were.] random pages.

The assembly language program started another chaotic process and after accessing 2048 pages, obtaining bits of code from each page, the following graphic appeared, along with another request for password, which included a familiar MID/DIA/CID (Also used by SAC.) security warning, of that time:

Graphic looking like 3 + signs, one on top of the other.

Our records indicate this graphic is a main symbol on our Orion pyramids located at Face and symbol of an ancient 'special order' of Templar, from Earth, thought to know the location of The Chalice and Arc.

To Be Continued.

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