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Leading up to helmet laws; with exception to a 'sometimes worn' motorcycle jacket, I never wore any protective gear for street riding or touring. It never crossed my mind.

;-) I'm older now, technology has changed, and 'protecting my body, to the best of my ability', has become a priority. (-;

The following is what I wear when riding a TC-88B, ...NOT a recommendation or advertisement.

[Note: I am over 6 feet tall, in height, and require 'extra length' clothes. I have no affiliation with any of the below products or stores other than being happy with my choices. Comments are included below.]

Helmet: Shoei TZ-1

Picture of Shoei TZ-1 full face helmet

(fwiw) Although it does not appear in this picture, I removed the SHOEI emblem on the front of the helmet with my thumb nail and a lot of patience/work. I kept the smaller SHOEI and DOT label on the back of the helmet.

"Full face" was 'choice', because I got tired of getting hit in the face by bugs and other flying objects.

FirstGear Z Pilot Jacket & Pilot Leather Pants

front picture of Pilot riding suit back of Pilot riding suit

(fwiw) My suit is an older version of the above and the stitching around the knees, with the knee shields installed, would catch rain if I wasn't wearing a rain suit.

Here is my solution for leaky stitching AQUASEAL® STITCH GUARD and have been told any "good mink oil will do, if the stitching is good".

Wesco Motor. Patrol 20" Boot

picture of Wesco 20 inch Motorcycle Patrol boot

(fwiw) These boots are personal choice for three reasons, rattlesnakes (I live in rattlesnake country and had two encounters where; what I thought was a stick in the road attempted to strike/bite me in the leg.), hot pipes (Had a motorcycle fall on top of my leg, once.), and recommendations. Related: Snake With Serious Case Of Road Rage Tries To Attack Motorcyclist


picture of chaps

(fwiw) Mine are a similar, older, thicker version of the above, and very handy during cold weather or riding on gravel roads.

Gloves - Racer Speed Gore-Tex

picture of glove

Top protection Gore-Tex® waterproof, breathable membrane / Aniline-Nappa Leather / Pittards Digital leather on palm / rivets on base of palm for extra protection / Schoeller® Keprotec® on fingers and hand / wrist strap / cuff closure.

(fwiw) I have a prototype. They are waterproof, warm, hard to locate in the United States, and 'choice'. I use similar, lighter, gloves for warm weather.

I have been toying with the idea of electric gloves for years, but haven't needed them yet.


Family Guy Stewie, Born to be Bad underpants  front Family Guy Stewie, Born to be Bad underwear back

(fwiw) In order to answer the humorous 'boxers' or 'briefs' questions I have received since posting the 'gear page'; my wife buys underwear for me, the above is a sample of what comes home, and ;-) I like them!


Silk Long Johns - Men's Heavyweight - Winter Silks

Huskie Grey Wool Boot Socks - Boot/Shoe/Hunting/Military stores.

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