Attention Slimy Corporate Media:
You Should Be Asking Presidential Candidates:

If THEY Want War, where will THEY get the troops,
and will THEY bring back the DRAFT?

Warning Sign

The forced recall of 3,500 Marines is a clarion call warning to all Americans, and along with other distortions of deployment practices, is now, in effect, a form of reviving the draft.

Listening to the President, Vice President Cheney, the various neoconservative policy pushers, their vision appears to be a vision of endless and permanent world war, with expanding and ever more dangerous fields of combat, when we do not even have the troops strength to meet our commitments today.

Having been involved in intelligence and military matters for more than two decades, this much is clear: we cannot sustain our commitments today; with any additional wars to fight, we will be left with only two choices: either inadequate forces creating more Iraqs, or adequate forces that can only be maintained through a revival of the draft, no matter what it is called. That is the fact.

When these neoconservative voices rush to the airwaves to proclaim the wars they would like (others) to fight, Democrats, Republicans and all in the media should ask [INCLUDING THOSE RUNNUNG FOR PRESIDENT]:

If you want war with Iran, where will you get the troops, and will you bring back the draft?

If you want war with Syria, where will you get the troops, and will you bring back the draft?

If you want war with North Korea, where will you get the troops, and will you bring back the draft?

It is high time and long overdue that the United States resumes its role of world diplomatic and political leadership and brings in people of world-wide credibility and stature to at least test the waters for game-changing diplomacy.

For those who prefer the course of war, we must all ask, on every occasion: for the wars you would like to fight, where will you get the troops, and are you prepared to bring back the draft?

Brent Budowsky was an aide to U.S. Senator Lloyd Bentsen on intelligence issues, and served as Legislative Director to Rep. Bill Alexander when he was Chief Deputy Whip of the House Democratic Leadership. Budowsky can be reached at


President justifies war to parents of dead:

Nobody Has Brought Peace to Our Times
Reflection by ~@~

For years I have attempted to keep these pages away from politics, sex, or religion because everybody who arrived here used a different path, and these subjects inevitably lead to unresolved fights.

Despite different paths, we have arrived here, at this place, in cyberspace, and there is something that needs to be said.

If a [Chickenhawk] Bush Administration and Congress continue abusing our military [Setting up our military as sitting ducks in Iraq and over extending them beyond exhaustion.] another Draft will need to be reestablished.

The current administration, which is facing WAR CRIMES, knows this and remembers what happened [Mass Protests] during Vietnam when our children were sent into another illegal, false flag [Gulf of Tonkin] war by another LAME Secretary of Defense [McNamara] who admitted later, 'He could have ended the Vietnam War/Conflict years earlier saving millions of lives.'

The current administration, headed by Karl Rove, would like this DRAFT to begin under a 'Democrat watch' and appear to be doing whatever they can, including abusing our troops, to dig the United States deeper into an evil NEOCON war on life... and prolong it beyond 2008.

If we as a Nation consider bringing our Military home NOW, perhaps a DRAFT can be prevented in the future.

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William Thomas's page [click to visit:] has a great quicktime video on the Draft that has been converted into FLASH FORMAT in order to reach a larger audience. The location of the original .mov file is

[click here to go to].

Experts See Military Draft as Inevitable
By William Pitt, Fri Feb 18th, 2005 at 09:16:06 AM EST

Anti-war activists fear revival of selective service

By Mike Billington
The Delaware News Journal

There may come a day when Uncle Sam wants Wayne Flenniken for the U.S. Army.

In many ways, he's an ideal candidate for military service. At 15, he already has finished high school and is enrolled at Delaware Technical & Community College studying Spanish and English. There is a problem, however. Wayne doesn't want any part of Uncle Sam's Army - or anyone else's, for that matter.

"I don't believe in war and I don't like the military in any way, shape or form," he said. "I don't think anyone should be forced to die prematurely."

That's why he went to a draft resistance training session Friday in his hometown of Newark. It's why Wayne has begun building his case as a conscientious objector.

The United States no longer has a military draft and hasn't since 1973, when it converted to an all-volunteer military.

But some anti-war activists say it's only a matter of time before the Bush administration and the Republican-controlled Congress bring it back. Meanwhile, conservatives and moderates outside the administration have taken a hard look at America's military commitments and are urging Congress to beef up the Army and Marines.

Many elected officials say there is no way the draft will be brought back any time soon.

"Our current all-volunteer force is highly effective, well-trained, well-disciplined and capable of handling our global and national security commitments," said Rep. Mike Castle, R-Del. "[Defense] Secretary [Donald] Rumsfeld and the Joint Chiefs of Staff have continuously stated their opposition to reviving the draft and the House of Representatives overwhelmingly rejected such a proposal last year. I personally oppose it."

Others aren't so certain. - The rest.
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