8BBS - Msg. 5967

Message number 5967 is 20 lines from Curtis Spangler
To MS. THUNDER at 09:31:08 on 03-Feb-81.
Subject: (cont.)

I cannot do much about this except changing my psw access. I am more into hardware & software rather than into the phone, so most of the information that you exchange is of no value to me. If you feel that I am "out to get you" forget it, cause I have made a special effort to get along with people rather than kick up s--t with them. I don't know of anything more useless than trying to make people uptight/feel bad/paranoid/etc. I will apologise to you if I have done something to offend you, and if you want my phone number that is probably ok too, except you do not have to put a reward out for me, although it makes me feel like "Billy-the-Kid", which is kinda flattering. I would be open to talk to you and find out what the difficulties are if you choose.

Susan, I don't know why this even came up, maybe you could help me to understand so why don't you leave me a private message on the CBBS at (415) 653-2152 to C. SPANGLER, or here non private.

There is another thing.....if you know the sysop of 8BBS ask him how many times I check in on this system .... I think that it amounts to maybe 4 or 5 times a month. I am not on your case, please don't put me there. As John Lennon said "IF YOU CAN'T STAND THE HEAT GET INTO THE SHADE. cas