Operator's Manual

Operator's Manual



The CommuniTree -- First Edition, is designed for an Apple II* microcomputer with a 48K memory; one or more disk drives; and a Hayes MicroModem II**. Your Apple should be running DOS 3.3, the 16-sector disk configuration. The program will work on systems using Applesoft Basic, Integer Basic, or the language card.

To access the conference tree from a remote location, users do not need to be running a CommuniTree program. All they need is a terminal or computer. The CommuniTree system will work with just about all terminals running at 300 or at 110 baud.

If you have not yet plugged your MicroModem board into one of the computer's expansion slots, you should stop and do so now, following the instructions in your MicroModem manual. The CommuniTree program assumes your modem is plugged into Slot 3, which is the standard or "default" value for the device. If you prefer another slot, you will be able to tell the program the slot number when you run it the first time. Thereafter, the CommuniTree will remember where the modem is, and will automatically check to see if it is there and available before going on-line each time the program disk is run. You may, if you prefer, run the program in "local" mode only, without any modem in place.

We recommend that you use the default slot (3) for your modem.

Your disk drives must be in the Apple-recommended standard slots. If you are running one or two disk drives, they must be in Slot 6. If you are running 3 or 4 disks, they must also go in Slot 5. For 5 or 6 disks, Slot 4 must be used. The correct order is:

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