I am still working on the seismic shed and have been distracted by the weather.

If one has been looking at ARPSN heliplots or weather charts, the wind is obvious, and this is not 'windy season', which usually happens during the Winter.

There are three things that are observed here when it is windy:

1) 'Widow Makers' - broken branches caught in trees, that blow down without warning.

2) Pine Cones - Digger Pine trees, most over 100 feet tall, having enormous pine cones that blow down.

3) FIRE WATCH - http://flyingsnail.com/firewatch.html - the wind dries 'things' out very quickly and makes us 'edgy'.

Currently, we have had about a week of wind (very dry), our Winter spring has stopped (2 months early), our Summer spring (gravity flow) is down to 25 PSI (stones in the system that have to be cleaned), the rattlesnakes are coming down the mountain a month early (headed for the streams below), and the meadows have not been cleared, yet, bringing new meaning to 'snake in the grass' (-;

On or around 30 December 2007, I created a page titled, "Our Local Global Warming, How Global Warming Is Currently Affecting Us" which will add more information and pictures, if one is interested.

I am working on 'Fire Watch' now and cleaning up as much of the property as I can, about 1000 feet around the house...and (fwiw) we had less than forty (40) inches of rain this year; a new low.

The seismic shed foundation has been leveled, the blocks are in place, and I am having a hard time locating my 'rebar stash', which I need to tie the blocks together.