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Magnitude 7.2 KEPULAUAN TALAUD, INDONESIA Wednesday, February 11, 2009 recorded by ARPSN, Cobb Mountain, CA
Distance (degrees) 104.16 Travel Time (min:secs) 13:59.7 Arrival Time UTC 17:48:51.7 Pdiff

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VolksMeter Channel One & Two - 200902.11

N/S Cobb 7.2m
Cobb [Mountain], CA - N/S Magnitude 7.2 Recorded by ARPSN - Click for large image

N/S Macon Slab 7.2m
Macon, GA - Slab - N/S - Magnitude 7.2 - Click for large image

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2009 February [Redwood City, CA - PSN - Animation]

VolksMeter FFT-CSP Display - Magnitude 7.2 KEPULAUAN TALAUD, INDONESIA



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2009 February [Macon, GA - SLAB - Animation]

2009 February [Macon, GA - PIER - Animation]

2009 February [Comparison - Cobb, Macon Slab & Pier, Redwood City - Animation]


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Cobb Mountain FFT-CSP Animation:

2009 January [With Channel One earthquake audio]

2009 February


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VolksMeter FFT-CSP

A New Look at an Old Tool:
the Cumulative Spectral Power of Fast-Fourier Transform Analysis

Sheng-Chiang Lee and Randall D. Peters
Physics Department, Mercer University, Macon, GA 31207


This page includes FFT-CSP Graphics and Animation


Added two new pages:

VolksMeter and L15B SDR Settings [L15B images soon]


VolksMeter SDR Seisdata



On 200901.27, 0000 UTC, the VolksMeter sensors were set: SPS: 10 and some settings were changed. I will explain later.

Soon, a 'What's Your Settings' page will appear as a WinSDR visual aid; starting with the VolksMeter. The test page is complete.

I am pleased with the last sensor 'tune-up' and with the results.

During Spring I anticipate implementing some 'acoustic dampening' wall board (sheet rock), if I can get a small amount delivered and have been discussing using a straw bail enclosure for surrounding the existing seismic shed with a person who recently completed his straw bail house and stated how quiet inside had become.


Recently we had a decent shake which bumped a few things around, knocked a few things down, and moved one of the seismic sensors a little over an inch from North center.

I spent the past eight hours realigning everything and was pleased to see that the interior of the seismic shed was in excellent shape with no traces of any sort of critter; including spiders, or signs of leakage visible.

We've already gone through several snow storms and I was wondering/concerned how my shed construction turned out. == I'm Happy and it was worth the extra work!

Speaking of weather, and I am going to repeat myself again, one of the reasons this location was selected was, it provided six months outside work and six months inside work.

About eight years ago the weather changed... as our Winters became warmer and we started getting less precipitation.

For example, normally, at this time of year we are 'locked in' (due to weather), have about sixty inches of rain (our average was between 100 and 150 inches), and I would be working on ARPSN and various computer projects, etc. until Spring.

Currently, our total precipitation is 16.89 inches, for the past week and our temperature has been mid 70f degrees, when it is supposed to be Winter. Also, for the 8th year in a row it appears we will, again, lose our fruit crop.

Our Winter spring, which usually sends a raging river through the North end of the property, is barely a trickle (We have 4 other water sources and are not concerned about this.) and we have had continual wind; some gusting up to 50 MPH, which has, again, dried out everything, re-establishing a fire hazard. In turn, I am having to work outside and am getting tired of this cycle.

As soon as Winter returns, I'll get back into this project.


Just a short note to announce work on ARPSN is still in process and as Winter settles in, I will be able to take care of some paper work and other 'stuff' that will enable this project to move forward.

A full, consecutive, progress log is available for viewing here: Progress Log: Complete

Seismic Shed: Re-Construction

Noise page