Hi, I'm Scotty "Pants on Fire" McClellan,

Photograph of Gary Moore and the "I;ve Got A Secret" Cast
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We've Got A Secret
The Internet is Sweller for looking up old firends!
Panelists, please put on your blindfolds
Proof Bush torturesProof Bush tortures
and Let's Bring Out Our First Guests

Karl RoveA Cartoon Character called "The Brain", who's sole purpose in life is to "take over the world".Heinrich Himmler

Will You Sign In Please

Blackboard with "My Name is Karl Rove" written on it.

...and I've Got A Secret !

Our favorite female pig with one breast exposed
"There will be tough moments which test America's resolve."
George Bush, June 28, 2005

Sympathy for the Denial...
I read stories during the 9/11 Attack,
Bush reading a children's book during 9/11 and playing guitar during Katrina
I played guitar while Nawlins Sank,

Bush Meets Godzilla
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