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Mike Wilhelm
Mike Wilhelm and Sprung

Recorded Live at Linton's
Information Page: Mike-Wilhelm.html

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See See Rider - Mike Wilhelm:

MP3 - http://www.flyingsnail.com/Podcast/SeeSeeRider.mp3

Key To The Highway - Mike Wilhelm:

MP3 - http://www.flyingsnail.com/Podcast/Key2TheHighway.mp3

Down The Road A Piece - Mike Wilhelm, live version:

MP3 - http://www.flyingsnail.com/Podcast/DownTheRoadApiece.mp3

Ramblin' EMI 78 Mix - Mike Wilhelm:

MP3 - http://www.flyingsnail.com/Podcast/ramblinEMI78.mp3

Worn Out Suits EMI 78 Mix - Mike Wilhelm:

MP3 - http://www.flyingsnail.com/Podcast/wornoutsuitsEMI78.mp3

Long Gone Stranger Blues © Mike Wilhelm - Born in Los Angeles in 1942, Mike Wilhelm learned blues guitar in his teens from legendary Tennessee bluesman Brownie McGhee and Texas songster Mance Lipscomb. A U. S. Navy veteran, he is perhaps best known as one of the founding members of San Francisco's first psychedelic rock group, the Charlatans (1964-69). He led his own hard rock group, Loose Gravel, from 1969 until 1976 when he joined cult heroes and power pop originators the Flamin' Groovies, playing with them until 1982. More information on Mike Wilhelm is located at:

MP3 - http://www.flyingsnail.com/Podcast/longgonestrangerblues.mp3

Early Tavern Racing - Mike Wilhelm on Matchless
Early Tavern Racing - Mike Wilhelm on Matchless

Why Not Try Love Again © Jumpin Jupiter, written by Rick 'Sunshine' McNees and the band. Howie Hollenberg, drums and percussion, Sunny a.k.a. Rick McNees, synthesizer and keyboards, Larry Dunn, guitars and vocals, harmonica, Larry Klein, 6 string bass, vocals, and Kathleen McCarthy, vocals. More information on Jumpin Jupiter is located at:


MP3 - http://www.flyingsnail.com/Podcast/whynottryloveagain.mp3

Nobody For President © Jim Maxwell & The Sundown Band Jim Maxwell - vocal, guitar, Roy Marden - guitar, vocals, Jerry Shebeski - drums, Joe Jedrlinic - bass guitar, Craig Grant - vocals, percussion, David Peel - vocals, percussion, Joanna D'ascoli - vocals, Sherwin Winnick - mix consultant, Recorded at Dreamland Studios, N.Y., Mixed at Sundown Recording, L.I., N.Y., Special Thanks: Andrea Katz, Cover Design: Harry Wasserman, Promotion: Michael Luckman. More information of Jim Maxwell & The Sundown Band is located at:


MP3 - http://www.flyingsnail.com/Podcast/NobodyForPresident.mp3

Bluz Ate My Song © C. Spangler [An entry demo of Apple GarageBand.]

MP3 - http://www.flyingsnail.com/Podcast/BluzAteMySong.mp3

Mood Loops © C. Spangler [An entry demo of Apple GarageBand.]

MP3 - http://www.flyingsnail.com/Podcast/Moodloops.mp3

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