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NOTE 202109.21:
Due to fire & floods there is no "Current Seismicity".
I am attempting to rebuild another PSN from the pieces I have.
The original Redwood City PSN is now located at:

PSN Heliplots can be observed here:

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I am working on a fix to replace all ARPSN Flash Animation.

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Channel One - North/South - Cobb [Mountain] CA 95426 USA


I became interested in local earthquake activity while living in the San Francisco Bay area during the '60s and on multiple occasions experienced something (during an earthquake) I could not explain, but did not have the resources or time to pursue this personal phenomenon; however, because of my experience with Amateur Radio I was, at least, able to observe local seismic activity via USGS transmitters.

During the '70s I saw an Eigenmode experiment which related to 'what I could not explain' (above). Here is a similar experiment, on video, from YouTube that shows a nice depiction of how the eigenmodes of a plate change with increasing forcing frequency:

Eigenmodes of a square plate

Within the past few years I finally got to observe Hum and Teleseismic activity.

Sheng-Chiang Lee did some great work on FFT-CSP Seismic Comparison and I provided a series of animations depicting what they looked like. Unfortunately, for the past eighteen years I have only had access to dial-up, and data uploads were taking up to four plus hours, when it should have been one hour, causing a lot of frustration, so I stopped data uploads and animation.


VolksMeter II - 1RU

VolksMeter II with cover removed VolksMeter II with cover in place
VolksMeter II Sensor ComponentsGPS Receiverconnected to VolksMeter

1RU to 2RU Upgrade
Assembling 2CUG Kit
And ... I did it my way - Sid Vicious (-;
2CUG Kit Highlighted - Tools are part of the original 1RU
2CUG Kit Highlighted - Tools part of original 1RU



FFT-CSP Averages

WinSDR Seisdata

VM WinSDR Settings

Seismic [Completed] FFT- CSP Animation Experiment

February 01 - May 22, 2009 - Cobb (Mountain), CA]

North/South Complete

East/West Complete

February 01 - May 22, 2009 - Macon, GA - Pier

North/South Complete

East/West Complete

February 01 - May 22, 2009 - Redwood City, CA - PSN]

North/South Complete

February 01 - May 22, 2009 - Comparison - Cobb, Macon Pier, Redwood City]

North/South East/West Complete

Archived Seismic Animation

FFT-CSP Animation Archive

This is where Current Experimental Seismicity Heliplots will appear, ;-) sans the sounds.

The below heliplots are not current and used as markers.

VolksMeter II Sensor North/South Acceleration
N/S Acceleration - ADC Bits: 24 SPS: 10

VolksMeter II Sensor East/West Acceleration
E/W Acceleration - ADC Bits: 24 SPS: 10

VolksMeter II Sensor North/South Velocity
N/S Velocity (Integrated) - ADC Bits: 24 SPS: 10

VolksMeter II Sensor East/West Velocity
E/W Velocity (Integrated) E/W - ADC Bits: 24 SPS: 10

[201003.08 - Note: I have previously explained (progress log) where the majority of my sensors are located (side of old volcano, near the top) and that there is an amplification phenomena obvious in heliplots and FFT-CSP charts that occurs (Cobb Mountain, Cobb, CA 95426, USA, near a fault. Nearby USGS sites: The Geysers, Cobb, Anderson Springs, etc. and the local volcanic field is: Clearlake, California, USA) .

View L15B Cobb [Mountain] CA 95426 Sensors

USGS: Magnitude 2.5 or Greater in the United States and Adjacent Areas
Magnitude 4.0 or Greater in the Rest of the World

Redwood City Public Seismic Network

Current Weather at Sensor Location

Amateur Radio Public Seismic Network - ARPSN

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